Meet the Grundfos UNILIFT APG domestic wastewater grinder pump. Packing an industrial grinder system and combi flange, you can expect reliability, versatility and of course, Grundfos quality!

What’s more, the UNILIFT APG suits a variety of applications, from single family homes to low-rise residential buildings.

WATCH THE VIDEO NOW to see how the UNILIFT APG handles its business with flying colours in this case story from Melbourne, Victoria.


The Grundfos UNILIFT APG is equipped with a class leading grinder mechanism, which is so efficient it greatly reduces the possibility of flooding and blockages where foreign objects get jammed, backing up cisterns or flooding pits.

Based on Grundfos’ industrial SEG wastewater pump range, the UNILIFT APG's industrial grinder blade can cut the toughest and most challenging wastewater and storm water run-off debris (including everything from diapers and sanitary wipes to face masks and garden waste) into small pieces and is a versatile and reliable pumping solution for moving domestic wastewater or stormwater over long distances.


UNILIFT APG comes with multiple connection options, making it easy to install into existing pits or match with existing pipework. It features a flanged connection (which suits DN32 or DN40 connections) and a threaded 40mm/1 1/2" threaded connection for quick attachment .

What's more, the UNILIFT APG's lighter weight allows for easier maintenance without the need for rails and chains.



Installed in a tank solution in basements and other building spaces below sewer level.


Installed outside buildings in a pumping station that leads to a public sewer or a component in pressurised sewage systems.


The pump can be used as a stand-alone product in a pit solution.

Single family dwelling

One-pump solution with a float switch at the pump or as a pump with LC231/LC241 controller for enhanced safety and alarm.

Multi-dwelling development or low-rise residential building

Two-pump solution in a pit or pumping station with LC231/LC241 controller.


The quick sizing chart below gives an approximate overview of heights and outlet pipe lengths with an inner pipe diameter of DN 32, G 1 1/2” / DN 40, and a flow, so that a self-cleaning velocity of minimum 0.7 m/s is covered.


Please find below technical specifications for the UNILIFT APG range. For further information please visit our Grundfos Product Centre.

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Control and monitor your Grundfos Unlift APG pump(s) using one of our controller units.

  • These controllers provide flexible control allowing you to run one or two pumps for pit emptying purposes and are perfect for duty assist or duty standby setups.
  • They feature uniquely configurable input/output terminals allowing for a number of free inputs/outputs for extra sensors and alarms to be added.
  • What's more, you can receive alarms and notifications through your own systems or connect remotely via bluetooth to the pumps through our Grundfos Go App.
  • The Grundfos Go App provides for easy commissioning and a whole suite of options for controlling and monitoring your Unilift APG pump(s) including start/stop levels, monitoring and resetting alarms and monitoring fluid levels.


Compact all-in-one control solution for one or two UNILIFT APG pumps.

  • Bluetooth connectivity through Grundfos GO App
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Configurable input/output terminals for float switches or pressure sensors
  • Built in motor protection
  • Alarm buzzer


Lockable metal cabinet solution offering greater customisation for one or two UNILIFT APG pumps.

All the features of LC231 plus optional:

  • Fault light
  • Battery Backup
  • Mains Switch / RCD / Relay


Please find additional resources below including a video that explains the UNILIFT APG and its applications in further depth and detail and a link our Grundfos Ecademy course on the LC level controllers.

This video explains the Grundfos UNILIFT APG and its applications in further depth and detail. For a further summary of these details, feel free to download a brochure below.

In this course, you will meet our latest range of LC level controllers. We will take you through a basic introduction, before we will go a little deeper and examine how its features can benefit you as a customer. You will also learn how to install and commission the level controller.