Professional Irrigation, Agricultural & Solar Pumping Solutions

We're excited to announce the extention of the SQ Flex range with 3 new models

Built with high quality stainless steel, the new range has been designed to handle harsh Australian conditions.

Compatible with Solar, Generator or AC power, the SQFLex range is the perfect solution for rural Stock Watering.

Solar Pumping Solutions Brochure

Grundfos offers a range of submersible and surface mount renewable
pumping solutions for a range of applications in rural or remote areas
inclduing stock watering, irrigation and agricultural water supply and



Small Submersible Bore Pump Range Brochure

The Grundfos 3" and 4" submersible pump range offer high efficiency, high sand resistance and reliability for a wide range of applications utilising groundwater.



Discover why choosing the right pump is crucial to the success of an irrigation system

Pump selection is crucial to ensuring that the farmer's irrigation design  layout meets the precise requirements for the crop and optimises irrigation efficiency.

These requirements are satisfied if the pump matches the irrigation system, flow pressure is kept low and controls are used. 

Watch this short video to discover why choosing the right pump is crucial to the success of an irrigation system.

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Solar is up to 4 x cheaper than diesel

A Grundfos Solar Pumping Solution is up to 4 x cheaper than a diesel generator powered pump over the first 10 years of operation.

So, for your off-grid stock watering needs, forget diesel and think Grundfos Solar.

A solar sizing and selection tool in the palm of your hands


With the Grundfos GO Solar app, you get quick and easy pump sizing regardless of your location,  internet connection or application needs.

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