Professional Wastewater Solutions

Collecting, transporting and treating wastewater is about keeping reliability high. Grundfos products and solutions for wastewater transport, flood control and the wastewater treatment plant build on reliability, modularity and energy-efficiency from optimised pump systems and fully-integrated solutions.

NEW SE/SL pumps with Open S-tube® Impeller

Dependable, energy-efficient solutions for your wastewater pumping stations and networks are essential for wastewater collection and transport.

Grundfos offers market-leading highest-efficiency sewer pumps that include innovative and patented technologies. SE/SL pumps come with a range of hydraulic designs for reliable and efficient operation with the highest level of performance in all wastewater applications.

Meet the NEW SE/SL Open S-tube® Impeller  Wastewater Pumps


Open S-tube® semi-open impellers provide high efficiency over a wide operating range. With the ability to be trimmed to meet a specific duty point, the SE/SL pumps fitted with Open S-tube® impellers are the ideal solution for medium to extreme contamination of wastewater.

SE/SL pumps are designed with easy service and maintenance in mind

• The cable inlet is a plug solution that can be removed on site. The pump can easily be lifted without having to remove the cables and even without compromising the sealing when mounting the cable again.

• The shaft seal is made as a cartridge unit including both the primary and the secondary seal. This means the seal faces are protected and cannot be damaged or mounted wrongly during assembly.

• Replaceable wear rings or SmartTrim functionality to maintain high efficiency operation

• A top powder coating provides very strong corrosion protection and an easy-to-clean smooth surface. Because all surfaces are coated, repair of paint is not required following service repair.

Design Recommendations for Mixing

In modern wastewater treatment, mixing is an essential part of the operation and treatment process. This handbook focusses on the main mixing issues and applications, with special regard to submersible mixers and flowmakers. 

Full range of monitoring and controls

With a Grundfos monitoring and control system, you get the information you require to maintain and optimise your wastewater system. You gain effective alarm handling, surveillance and scheduling of workflows.

LC 231 and LC 241 controller panels offer users an innovative and holistic method of controlling pump levels. While the control units house different features, they share their remotely controllable functionality via the Grundfos GO app, their intuitive and user-friendly control interface, and their simple set-up and configuration features.

Download wastewater engineering manuals

Essential wastewater guidance for technical decision makers

Get guidance for pump selection and installation in drainage, effluent and sewage applications. This specific manual focuses on smaller wastewater transport systems using pumps with motors from 0.15 kW to 30 kW. Explore pumps and pump pits, sizing and selection, pump performance data, pump system layout, life-cycle costs and much more, including practical examples.

Essential guidance for wastewater engineering, installation and operation

Explore our dedicated manual for wastewater discharge systems using large wastewater pumps up to 520 kW. Learn about submersible and dry-pit submersible installation and operation, including the correct layouts and conditions for optimal operations.

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