Common domestic wastewater issues related to sizing, maintenance, and refurbishment

Get an overview of essential sizing, and maintenance problems that can occur in domestic wastewater projects. And learn how to overcome them with Grundfos solutions.

In this module, you’ll gain an overview of three common domestic wastewater issues related to sizing, maintenance, and refurbishment.

We’ll cover:
- Refurbishment problems
- Difficulties with sizing and selection
- Difficulties with repairs and servicing
You’ll learn about their causes and impacts, and how to solve them with Grundfos solutions.

Let’s get started.

We’ll begin with refurbishment problems.
Homeowners often encounter difficulties and rising expenses when carrying out refurbishments such as:
- Additional bathrooms
- Installing toilets in small spaces
- Adding a laundry room inside the house or even adding a wet room outside the house

Difficulties arise when:
The interior design of the house is inconvenient for refurbishments.
As an example, toilet or kitchen pipework could already be set, … which makes it difficult to add more toilets or changing the design of the kitchen.

There is limited space for installation in an existing room.
Homeowners often want to maximize the layout of the house. There is a long distance to main drainage pipe.

As an example, if a homeowner wants to install a toilet in a room that has not been used for a domestic wastewater application before, there could be a long distance between it and the main drainage pipe. There is no natural downward slope.

Sometimes wastewater cannot be led by means of gravity to the drainage system.

To ensure your customers have problem-free refurbishments, the following Grundfos solutions are recommended:

The SOLOLIFT2 portfolio allows water appliances to be installed in any room of the house. These solutions come with a small tank and a pump that can be mounted, for example, on the outlet of a toilet with an additional inlet from a wash basin or a shower, or under a kitchen sink. It collects the wastewater and pumps it to the nearest drainage stack or directly into the main sewer.

The LIFTAWAY B collects greywater by gravity and then pumps it into the sewer system.
The UNOLIFT, DUOLIFT and MULTILIFT are ideal for apartment buildings as they come with large collecting tanks and can handle applications of any size and wastewater type. They are not typically connected directly to wastewater sources but usually situated in the basement of an apartment block.

Installing any one of those solutions can help residents:
- Realise refurbishments
- Increase comfort and convenience
- Save time and costs when refurbishing

We’ll now move on and explore our next common domestic wastewater issue:
Difficulties with sizing and selection.

When it comes to sizing and selecting the ideal pump for the job, you may have encountered some of these issues:
* Selecting a pump that’s too small and cannot handle peak water loads which can result in flooding or premature breakdowns
* Spending too much time finding the right pump
* Insufficient information to select the right pump solution costing you valuable time

Let’s look at the most common reasons why you may encounter these problems:
* Misleading or poor selection and sizing tools are not giving you the information you need to make accurate decisions
* A lack of information on load profiles are affecting the accuracy of your selection process
* A lack of knowledge about wastewater products can lead to under- or over-sized selections
* Regulations affect your decision-making process and lead to incorrect sizing and selection

To help you make perfect sizing and selection decisions, the following Grundfos solutions are recommended:

SOLOLIFT2 has a streamlined range that cover all needs, making it easy to select a unit for everything from a single sanitary appliance to a complete bathroom.

MULTILIFT and UNOLIFT/DUOLIFT cover single- and multi-family homes and residential as well as all kind of commercial applications.

The entire UNILIFT range is suitable for both stationary and portable use.
UNILIFT and SOLOLIFT2 packaging comes with a quick and easy selection guide. Grundfos Customer Sales and Support Center (CSSC) is always on hand to provide assistance.

We’ll now move on and explore the final common domestic wastewater issue of this module: Difficulties with repairs and servicing.

When it comes to repairing or servicing a pump, you may have encountered some of these issues:
- Getting the wrong spare parts or having to wait for spare parts
- Finding it easier to replace the entire pump instead of repairing
- Having to use several tools to disassemble a wastewater pump for repairs or service
- Removing a pump from a wastewater sump, pumping- or lifting-station for repairs or service can be a difficult and dirty process
- Not having access to the sump, pumping- or lifting-station

Too often, these issues cost you valuable time and money as you spend too long on the job and end up buying repair materials.

Let’s look at the most common reasons why you may encounter these problems:
- Having limited access to the pit means it’s difficult to remove the pump without spending a lot of time on disassembly.
- Sometimes the design of a product is not maintenance friendly, and you may come into contact with grey or black water during repair.

Spare parts are sometimes difficult to get hold of. To ensure servicing and repairs are carried out without issues, the following Grundfos solutions are recommended:

SOLOLIFT2 allows the pump and motor parts to be disassembled separately, ensuring a cleaner process. It is also quick to disassemble, only 4 screws need to be removed.
PS.R/PS.W comes with guiderails which make it is easy to move the pump to and from pits. MULTILIFT is designed with different tank size to fit the application and all components, like the pump can be reached from the outside. Its patented bottom prevents settling, so that cleaning at regular maintenance is minimized.

The UNILIFT range allows for trouble-free removal of clogged items. The inlet strainer is simple to remove which enables easy cleaning of impeller and pump housing. Cables and shaft seals can easily be replaced on UNILIFT KP and AP.

On our website, you can find relevant service videos for our products and solutions.

That concludes our module on common domestic wastewater issues related to sizing, maintenance, and refurbishment. Thanks for watching.

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