An introduction to MyGrundfos

What is MyGrundfos, and how can it help you in your daily work? Those are some of the questions we answer in this module.

In this module, we’re going to introduce you to the advantages of MyGrundfos and how it can help you in your daily work.
Simply put, MyGrundfos is a self-service tool right at your fingertips. It’s a shortcut to valuable pump information and quick answers that you can pass on directly to your customers.

With MyGrundfos, you’ll have your own personal dashboard, giving you an overview of relevant snippets of data. It saves time, it’s accessible at your convenience, and it offers information on demand allowing you to help your customers right away. And all you need to access this is a Grundfos Account.

Now, let’s shift our focus slightly and take a look at some of the basic features that anyone can access in MyGrundfos.

There are five basic features in total:
Price and Availability, Spare Part Finder, Replacements Pumps, Export Information, and Order Status including track and trace information.

In price and availability, you’ll get instant information on products and spare parts.
Just search for a product by its product number or name, click enter and you’ll instantly be shown whether or not it is in stock, its lead time and its list price.
Please note that the list price is unavailable in some countries.

You can also find spare parts for your pumps through MyGrundfos.
Say you’re looking for spare parts for a MAGNA1, just enter the product information, and you’ll be greeted with a list of parts.

Then, there’s the pump replacement search. All over the world, there are so many inefficient pumps in operation.
With MyGrundfos, you can get a suggested replacement in a matter of clicks.
Enter the name or product number of the pump you’re looking to replace – even if it’s not a Grundfos pump – and you’ll be shown a suggested replacement instantly.

Next, there’s the export information. If you need to export any Grundfos pumps, you can find all the answers for your customs declaration in MyGrundfos. Just sign in and gain access to information such as custom tariff numbers, country of origin, gross and net weight and more.

Finally, MyGrundfos also provides an easy overview of your order status. Simply enter your order number and get full delivery and shipment information. In just one click, your colleagues, partners and customers can all follow the order status, and since no sensitive information is available, you can share this information without worry.

That covers the five basic features in MyGrundfos, but what benefits do they bring to you?
First of all, you can use the information to immediately inform customers of product availability and price. You don’t even need to hang up the phone.
Next, you can find a suitable replacement or spare part in less than 30 seconds, allowing you to take swift action if you’re dealing with a breakdown or a repair job.

You can provide quick and efficient service and thereby improve your customer service reputation among your customers.

It’s available 24/7, meaning that you can even access it outside of work hours.

And finally, it’s quick and easy to use, just click the menu icon on then the mygrundfos icon, so go ahead and find everything you need in one place.

Course overview

Modules: 3
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Completion time: 15 minutes
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Difficulty level: Basic