How to install SCALA2

Learn how to install the SCALA2 water booster pump as we take you through the simple process step-by-step.

Before installing the SCALA2 pump… take time to browse through the quick guide that came with it. It explains how to install the product. On the back of the box, you can also find information on installation and pump settings, and a link to the most recent version of the quick guide.

Start by marking out and drilling the holes in your chosen location for the pump. Then, insert plugs. Although SCALA2 is low-noise, the use of a noise-reducing mat makes it even quieter.

Next, put the pump on the mat and secure it to the floor with the four screws. Make sure there is a nearby drain to protect SCALA2 from water that may damage its electrical components.
Now remove the two connectors, unscrewing by hand.
Mount the two flexible hoses to each of the connectors, and tighten with a spanner.
Remount the connectors on the pump. Again, only using your hand.
Fit the two flexible hoses to your pipes and tighten with a spanner.

If your water contains particles or solids, a particle inlet filter can be fitted at this stage.
Now remove the priming plug. You can use a screwdriver to loosen it, but otherwise only use your hand.
Pour in 1.7 litres or 0.45 gallons of water. Insert and tighten the priming plug, once again by hand.
Continue by opening the cut-off valves and closing the bypass valve to allow flow through the pump.

Then locate the tap furthest away from the pump… …and open it fully.
Now plug in SCALA2 and turn on the switch.
Adjust the pressure by pressing the arrows on the pump display until the furthest tap delivers the desired water pressure.
"Here you see the pressure SCALA2 delivers at different settings.
You also see the optimal pre-charge pressure of the built-in pressure tank.

Unlike other boosters, SCALA2 has a built-in pressure tank which simplifies installation. Upon installation the built-in tank must be pre-charged to 70% of the setpoint value. This should also be done once every year.
To pre-charge the pressure tank, start by stopping SCALA2 – by pressing the STOP button. Then depressurise the system, by closing off the supply pipe and opening the tap. Now unscrew the air valve cap. Pump in air until the desired pressure is reached, which should be 70% of the setpoint value… and remount and tighten the air valve cap firmly on the tank valve, so no air can escape over time.
Open the supply cut-off valve again and turn on SCALA2. The installation is complete! You’ll now experience perfect water pressure, low noise, low energy consumption… and perfect comfort for years to come.

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