A detailed look at the SPE motor

Discover the SPE's permanent magnet motor and find out what sets it apart from traditional, asynchronous motors, and what this means for the SPE pump.

In this module, we will take a closer look at the SPE pump’s MS6000P permanent magnet motor.

After a brief introduction to permanent magnet motors, we will take you through the differences between permanent magnet motors and their standard, asynchronous counterparts before going over some of the MS6000P features.

In short, a permanent magnet motor uses permanent magnets to magnetise the rotor. This increases motor efficiency, since it completely eliminates the need for induction current and all associated rotor losses. Permanent magnet motors always require a variable frequency drive to function.
The MS6000P is available in four sizes covering the range from 4 kW to 45 kW.

Achieving this coverage with just 4 motor sizes is possible because permanent magnets maintain consistently high performance over a wide range of outputs.

Compared to the asynchronous MS6000, the MS6000P has several advantages. First of all, the permanent magnet almost completely eliminates rotor loss – which is a key factor in increasing motor efficiency to more than 90%. Secondly, it can handle media temperatures of up to 60°C as standard which allows the motor to be used in a wider range of applications. Thirdly, it is available with a maximum output of 45 kW, which is significantly higher than the 30 kW of the asynchronous MS6000.

As a standard, MS6000P shaft seals are of the wear-resistant silicon carbide type. They’re available with either NBR rubber, which is approved for drinking water, or FKM rubber, which offers increased resistance to hydrocarbons. Both radial and thrust bearings are designed and manufactured for a long product lifetime.

Radial bearings are hydrodynamic journal bearings, which are self-lubricating and thus maintenance-free. Thrust bearings are made from highly durable steel, carbon and ceramics and are available in sizes from 7.5 kN to 40 kN. Note that the motor can be upgraded with a larger thrust bearing.

Finally, all motor parts that come into contact with the pumped liquid are made from stainless steel as standard but are also available in high-grade steel. The standard version MS6000P has all relevant approvals for safe use in drinking water applications. Flexible and efficient, the permanent magnet motor makes the SPE particularly well-suited for use in applications where pumps operate many hours every day, use big motors or must adapt to variations in system demand.

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