The benefits of the CMBE Twin booster system

Find out about the many benefits of the CMBE Twin booster system, get an insight into the system’s handy features and learn when it’s a preferred option to other booster solutions.

Grundfos offers a wide range of booster systems that can be used in both domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. 

In this task, we’re going to introduce you to the CMBE Twin booster system and its many benefits. We’ll show you how it fits in the booster portfolio range, when it’s a better option than other pumps, as well as take a closer look at the various installation types, before finally covering the main features of the system. 

Let’s briefly introduce you to the system itself. The CMBE Twin is two CMBE pumps mounted on a common baseplate. It’s a constant pressure system set up to operate in duty/standby mode or cascade mode. We’ll take a closer look at these two operation modes a bit later. 

For now, though, let’s focus our attention on where the CMBE Twin fits in the booster portfolio range. Compared to other booster pumps, the CMBE Twin is best suited for light commercial buildings – such as small schools, two-family houses, offices and hospitals

But when is the CMBE Twin booster system the right choice? Let’s take a look.


First of all, it guarantees a steady water supply. When operating the system in duty/standby mode, only one pump is running at any time. The second pump acts as a backup pump. In scenarios in which one of the pumps becomes unavailable, the second pump takes over. This guarantees a steady, reliable water supply and brings peace of mind to both the installer and the end-user.

Next up, it’s an energy-efficient solution thanks to its cascade operation mode. Cascade mode offers an intelligent, energy-saving operation ensuring that the performance of the CMBE Twin is automatically adjusted according to consumption. So, when the water demand exceeds the performance of one pump, the second one starts. As the demand drops to a level that one pump can provide, the second pump switches off – ensuring that the system runs as efficiently as possible.

A common feature of both these operation modes is alternation and multi-master. Alternation divides the operation hours equally between the two pumps, while multi-master functionality ensures that one pump can take control of the booster system if the other pump becomes unavailable. This improves reliability, giving the end-user peace of mind.

In terms of installation types, the CMBE Twin can boost from city mains or a break tank. Regardless, it is suitable for a variety of boosting designs. 

Two of the most common designs are direct pressure boosting and zone-divided pressure boosting.

Direct pressure boosting delivers water to the entire building from just one CMBE Twin system, whereas zone-divided pressure boosting allows the installation of several CMBE Twin systems, each focusing on a specific area within the given building. In terms of energy efficiency, no installation design is more advantageous than the other, as it all depends on the design and usage of the building.

One of the key benefits that the CMBE Twin provides is comfort to the end-user. This is due to its ability to offer constant pressure no matter how many taps are open. But as it intelligently switches its second pump on and off according to consumption, it can even provide this constant pressure with a high level of energy-efficiency. 

Another benefit is the easy three-step installation process.

First, connect the two manifolds to the pumps and the main pipes.

Next, prime the pump and connect it to the power supply.

Then, use the LED control panel or the Grundfos GO Remote app to set the desired pressure and you’re ready to start the pumps. 

The modest size of the CMBE Twin brings further benefits. Compared to conventional booster systems, it’s very compact. And as space is often fairly tight in technical rooms, this is quite significant. The wholesaler benefits from it as well, as it takes up less space on the shelf. 

Finally, all key components of a CMBE Twin booster system are designed by Grundfos, guaranteeing you that all involved technologies work perfectly together.

So, that covers the Grundfos CMBE Twin booster pump. Let’s recap.

The CMBE Twin is suitable for light commercial buildings. It can boost directly from city mains or break tanks and can be installed in many installation designs.


The CMBE Twin is the obvious choice if you need a steady water supply and an energy-efficient solution.

It offers a range of benefits including: 

- Comfort to the end-user by means of energy-efficient constant pressure delivery, regardless of how many taps are open.

- Easy and quick installation thanks to factory pre-assembling and configuration. 

- A compact design that can fit into the most confined spaces

- And finally, it brings peace of mind to the end-user thanks to the multi-master functionality of the pump.

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