Introducing the MAGNA3 Circulator Pump

Get an introduction to the MAGNA3 circulator pump and what it offers.

As demand for efficiency surges, building operators are zeroing in on the untapped potential of ultra-efficient circulator pumps.From its improved hydraulics and rotor system,to a built-in differential pressure sensor, every detail of the MAGNA3 is designed to boost efficiency, and the wet-running design makes it maintenance free.

The MAGNA3 more than complies with EuP requirements and can reduce energy consumption by up to 75% compared to a typical circulator. In addition, it can handle temperatures down to minus 10 degrees Celsius, making it an even better choice for cooling, as well as heating, hot water recirculation in commercial buildings and ground source heat pump systems or thermal solar systems.

Easy to install and operate, the intelligent MAGNA3 has built-in heat energy monitoring and wireless connectivity – enabling handheld pump control via Grundfos GO. Inside, you find extra in- and outputs that can offer increased system intelligence and the CIM slot that enables MAGNA3 to communicate with any building management systems via a wide range of fieldbus options such as LON, BACnet, Profibus, GENIbus, MOD bus, GSM/GPRS and Ethernet.
In addition to the built-in AUTOADAPT technology for balancing comfort and efficiency, the MAGNA3 adds a new FLOWADAPT control mode, which reduces the need for pump throttling valves.

The MAGNA3 range offers head capacities up to 18 meters and flow rates as high as 70 cubic meters per hour. And with more than 150 single and twin configurations in cast iron or stainless steel available, you’ll always get the perfect fit for your application.

The MAGNA3 is built on 40 years of experience and has been subjected to over a million hours of rigorous testing. So, you can rest assured that the MAGNA3 delivers all the reliability you expect from Grundfos.

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