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Constant pressure

Increasing water pressure to a certain set point and keeping the pressure even though flow and inlet pressure varies. This is achieved using viable speed constant pressure pumps.

In water distribution, keeping the water pressure constant is important for the comfort level of the end user. However, the changing demand for water during the day makes the pressure fluctuate. To avoid this, booster sets with pressure gauges are able to adjust the output and thus keep the pressure constant.

Constant pressure boosting is used in all boosting sets and in all system configurations such as:

  • Direct boosting systems: A system where a booster set connected directly to the water mains serves the whole building or only the upper parts of it.
  • Zone divided systems: Here, a number of boosters connected to the water mains or a common break tank serve their own pressure zone. 
  • Roof-top tank systems: These systems often have a separate booster set serving the upper floors where the pressure would otherwise be too low due to insufficient geometric height.
  • Series connected system with intermediate break tanks: Here, every booster serves its own pressure zone, supplying from its own break tank which is located on a separate floor.
  • Series connected system without intermediate break tanks: Here, the boosters are connected directly in series.

The Grundfos Hydro MPC booster range, CRE multi-stage pump and all Grundfos E-pumps are examples of variable speed constant pressure pumps that cope with varying flow and inlet pressure.

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