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A poorly designed pumping station is useless when disaster strikes. Our handbook offers guidelines and recommendations for reliable pumping station design that will limit damage to people and infrastructure.

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Cut turbulence: reduce energy 1-2%

The idea is simple, but the effect is outstanding. When the pump runs inside a column pipe, the rubber Turbulence Optimiser™ expands and makes a seal. This creates a turbulence-free flow and reduces energy losses.

How do you handle sludge?

Slow inflow and low water levels in dry seasons can cause sludge problems. To keep the sump clean, install a small sludge pump in a separate, small pump sump within the main sump.

How to reduce cable size?

Consider a high voltage motor to reduce cable size in your pumping station setup. Motors are available from 220 to 6,600 volts.

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