Intelligent pumps for hot water circulation in commercial buildings

Designing the optimal system for hot water circulation

Your challenge:

RIn hot water circulation applications there is a need for instant hot water as soon as the tap is open. The traditional solution is to use a constant speed pump to provide the needed pressure in the hot water and circulation pipeline. Typically, the pump runs at maximum speed and is usually throttled by a valve. This results in high energy consumption and pumps that cannot adapt to changes in the system.

Our solution:

A more efficient solution for hot water recirculation is to use a constant temperature controlled pump. The constant temperature control mode on the TPE3 will always maintain the desired water temperature at the taps and in the circulation pipe. If the temperature increases the pump ramps down and if temperature decreases the pump will increase its performance. This eliminates the need for pump throttling valves and means overflow will never occur, resulting in substantial energy savings.

At Viborg city hospital in Denmark, a steady supply of hot water is essential to maintain high standards of hygiene. Find out how the hospital gets instant hot water, as soon as the tap is opened, thanks to the Grundfos TPE3 circulator with constant temperature control.

The intelligent solution: A temperature controlled pump

Fixed-speed pump

A constant speed pump ensures instant hot water but increases energy consumption

To ensure immediate hot water when needed, a separate circulation pipeline is installed. Traditionally, a constant speed pump is used for the continuous circulation of hot water. Here a constant and unnecessarily high pressure is provided, which is why a pump throttling valve is required. This increases both the investment costs as well as energy consumption.

Temperature controlled pump

A temperature controlled pump ensures performance always matches demand

Instead of throttling the flow from a fixed-speed pump you can install a temperature controlled pump such as the MAGNA3 or TPE3. The pumps’ constant temperature control modes ensure the desired water temperature is always kept. If the water temperature increases, the pump will ramp down and if the temperature decreases, the pump ramps up. Wireless technology and integrated sensors ensure seamless control and a continual match between performance and demand. This allows you to cut down on energy use and save the cost of throttling valves. 

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