Industrial water treatment: meet every system demand fast and flexibly

Find out how to increase system performance and reliability while reducing time spent on compliance reporting with Grundfos iSOLUTIONS


Is your water treatment system flexible enough to cope with variations? Water quality and consumption demands are continuously changing. Both of which mean your system needs to be flexible enough to adapt and perform reliably at all times.

Does your system also deliver the right performance insights you need to take quick and decisive actions? Another challenge with many water treatment systems today is simply a lack of data on changing parameters. This lack of insights can lead to incorrect dosing and inefficient chemical treatment, which ultimately decreases system performance.

And do you have sufficient data available to ensure your water treatment is compliant? A lack of available documentation can have implications for meeting regulatory demands. Most reporting is still performed manually, making it time consuming and susceptible to human error, which can lead to fines and non-compliance.

In industrial water treatment and, more specifically, when water reuse applications apply, the above issues become ever-more evident and must be addressed.

Intelligent and flexible systems?

What if you could immediately respond to system variations with a flexible pump solution? The intelligent Grundfos CRE pumps, together with direct sensors, can automatically adjust the duty point to maintain constant permeate flow in a membrane system. This means reducing complexity while optimising system output.

What if you could also monitor the key components of your water treatment system? It’s easy with the CRE plus direct sensors, our SMART Digital DDA-FCM, the DID measuring and control system, and our Grundfos Machine Health solution. They enable you to monitor the performance of your water treatment systems – remotely or locally – as well as the condition of pumps and other assets. And this means you can instantly react to real-time issues and variations, making decisions based on system insights.

These intelligent and connected solutions are designed to deliver maximum flexibility. So, if you’re looking to increase system reliability and performance, while simplifying compliance reporting within water treatment, look no further than Grundfos iSOLUTIONS.