Packaged intelligent Reverse Osmosis kits provide customers with a fully optimised system with simplified operation

Grundfos has given reverse osmosis systems a huge lift in reliability and efficiency with packaged intelligent Reverse Osmosis kits. These kits ensure the end-user gets a fully optimised system that keeps reliability high and operation easy.

A packaged Grundfos intelligent Reverse Osmosis (iRO) kit provides: 

  • Maximum efficiency and the best relation between kW and m3 treated water
  • Maximum system reliability with the minimum number of components without compromising efficiency
  • User-friendly interface for system monitoring
  • Remote monitoring-capable for surveillance and performance monitoring

The use of a high efficiency variable speed-controlled pump, the ability to self-adapt to water quality changes and membrane conditions and the reduced need for supervision, external sensors and manpower all contribute to substantial savings for operational costs.

The iRO kits are typically implemented by system builders. Let’s hear what Marijn Kools, the owner and CEO of Geonwater BV in the Netherlands, has to say about packaged Grundfos iRO kits. Geonwater designs and manufactures complete pre-engineered water treatment systems for numerous process applications. Geonwater supplies iRO systems for use, for example, in smaller applications, based on components bought from Grundfos to build complete reverse osmosis systems on one skid.

With smaller iRO systems, we have a real advantage because we can use all digital signals with as few components as possible and still make a very large impact in usability. The fact is we have a lot of components on a normal RO system, which customers have to constantly supervise to get optimum performance. It is an advantage that we can do all this digitally and help customers optimise their system. Even if they only have a small system.
Marijn Kools, the owner and CEO of Geonwater BV in the Netherlands

“I want to add as much value as I can for my customers and yet still make sure they get a system that makes sense for their budget" says Marijn Kools.


According to Marijn Kools, most of his customers don’t look too much at the efficiency of the system. Once the system is up and running, they often don’t have the tools or the time to check, as a reliable supply of RO water or permeate when needed is the most important. However, customers are getting more and more interested in adding intelligence to monitor and optimise their systems, as this can maximise not just efficiency but reliability as well

“With a digital system, if you have a connection, you can log on to the system and check performance regularly and get feedback at a distance or online. That is where we have our main advantage, as a lot of systems are running very poorly, because not many customers realise that even small systems can really make an impact on the use of valuable resources; the RO system runs in the corner and as long as it is working, then it’s ok.”

“We can reduce water usage; we can decrease energy impact and we can offer this in the larger systems – and now we can offer this for a good price-value equation in intelligent RO systems where there is a lower quantity and lower volume of permeable water,” concludes Marijn Kools.

Packaged iRO components from Grundfos maximise the system’s reliability without compromising efficiency. The number of components is reduced to a minimum, typically consisting of a CRIE intelligent pressure pump and Grundfos Direct Sensors. The kits enable partners or customers to build intelligent reverse osmosis systems that provide real value and solve the many problems faced by end-users.