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Water mist systems

Mist systems use water to extinguish fires in buildings. The water is discharged by the fire sprinklers in a fine spray/mist. Mist systems use a relatively small amount of water, typically with flows [Q] up to 500 l/min at minimum pressure [H] 6 bar.

High pressure water mist systems use positive displacement pumps to provide standing pressures up to 150 bar. Such systems require high value components, and pipe work is typically stainless steel.

Water spray systems are operated similar to other sprinkler systems – either activated by an external fire alarm system or pressure drop in the pipe system. The nozzles have different designs to make specific spray patterns, in order to deliver bespoke protection of the area.

Low to medium pressure water mist systems are becoming more common, as they can potentially offer comparable firefighting properties to sprinkler systems but use less water to do so. However, this depends largely on the installation and the risk involved.

Grundfos supplies fire pumps for water supply to different types of water misting systems for industrial and commercial fire protection.

Hardness class

 Total hardness (ºdH)

Ca²+ + Mg²+ meg/l

Very soft
Slightly hard
Very Hard

> 30

> 11

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