Question: Which type of buildings are Distributed Pumping suitable for?


Because a Grundfos Distributed Pumping system is replacing the valves with coil pumps and reduces the kW size of primary pumps, the Capital Investment will either be the same as a conventional system or around 20% more expensive, depending on the choice of valves in the conventional design.

But the commissioning efforts needed for a Distributed Pumping Solution, will be much less, since there is no need for hydraulic balancing or determination of Set Points (ei. Constant differential by-pass pressure set point)

With the energy savings and easy commissioning of a Distributed Pumping Solution, the Return of Investment is kept below 6 months.

Additional information:

Distributed Pumping solutions replace larger centralised pumps and energy-consuming balancing and control valves with smaller intelligent pumps placed on each floor of the building. The result is substantial energy savings and a more comfortable indoor climate.