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How to find a product number on a pump nameplate

Our pumps are all designed differently in terms of materials, sizes and usages. And that affects the design and placement of our pump nameplates, which contain essential product information that can help you find i.e. spare parts or a suitable replacement.

This short guide will present you with everything you need to find the product number on your pump’s nameplate quickly and easily.

Examples of nameplates

Our pumps use many different nameplate designs. We’ve gathered a selection of them here.

This is a MAGNA3 product label. Your product number is the eight digits following P/N, as highlighted here.

In this variant, you’ll need to locate the row titled P.N. Your product number is the first eight digits.


This is the nameplate on one of our CR pumps. Contrary to the previous examples, this one lists your product number under Model. As you can see, the first eight digits after the letter A make up your product number.

It’s a similar story here where you’ll find what you need under Model. Once again, your product number is the first eight digits after the letter A.


In this variant, you’ll find your product number after the letter A and it contains eight digits. Nice and easy.

Here’s another one where you’ll have to look for the Model field. Your product number is the first eight digits following the letter B.

Find your product number in 3 simple steps

So, now that you’ve seen a few nameplate designs, let’s find your product number. 

Step 1: Locate the nameplate
Start by finding the nameplate on your pump. Typically, this will be on the bottom or the side. 

Step 2: Examine the label
Take a thorough look at the label. Consider whether it matches one of the designs we’ve highlighted above, as this could help you find the product number a bit easier. 

Step 3: Find your product number
Look for your product number. Typically, it consists of eight digits. Once you’ve found it, you’re ready to move on with your task. Well done!

Everything you need in one place

Now that you know how to quickly find your product number, head to MyGrundfos and get instant access to prices, availability, spare parts and a range of self-service tools.

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