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How to save products and save time

Ever wanted to save pumps for later use? Watch this video and see how Grundfos Product Center makes it easy to save a collection of pumps into a project so you can use them again in the future, or share them with colleagues.

Watch the video and find out more on saving products.

Step 1: Save a product to one of your projects

After logging in, find the product you wish to save. Select 'Add to project' In the top right corner. Select which project you would like to add the product to and click 'Add'.

Step 2: Find infomation about your saved products

You are able to browse your projects in the right hand menu. Select 'My Projects' and choose one of your projects on the page. Here you will find all the information about the saved products for the project. You can also print the information you need or export it to excel in the top right corner.

Step 3: Share projects and saved products

Another helpfull feature on the project page, is the ability to share the project with other users, like your customers or colleagues. Select the 'Project details' tab and click 'add user'. This gives the recipient the ability to view or even edit your project.

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