Reward of Excellence for Comfort BU/BXU at Plus X Award Competition

The Grundfos Comfort BU/BXU potable hot water circulation pump was distinguished at this year’s Plux X Award Competition as the “Best Product of the Year 2021”. Moreover, during detailed evaluation, the product was given exceptionally wide recognition by the jury and was the first Grundfos product to ever receive the Plus X Award Seal of Quality in five of the seven total categories: High Quality, Design, Operating Convenience, Functionality and Ecology.

With a jury of independent experts from over 80 branches, 23 strategic partners and more than 700 participating international brands the Plus X Award is the world’s greatest innovation award for technology, sport and life style. Seals of Quality in seven categories distinguish products with real added value. Among other features the award recognizes innovative technology and exceptional design, as well as ergonomic and ecological product qualities. Products which stand out particularly in their category are also distinguished as “Product of the Year”. The Plus X Award is recognized internationally and, in the meantime, has been awarded for 18 years.

With this exceptionally comprehensive award, the Comfort BU/BXU was distinguished as a product combining the reliability and efficiency of the multiply proven Comfort series with digital functionality and control. A special feature of this distinguished model is its timer with digital dial on the front. As an energy saving feature, this timer allows the circulation to be limited to times when hot water is typically required. 

The features of this circulation pump introduced the end of 2020 convinced the jurors in no less than five categories - a frequency seldom seen at this competition and an absolute first for Grundfos, in spite of repeatedly receiving awards in the past. In the category “High Quality”, which also includes the product’s durability, the Comfort BU/BXU also received points for the time-tested design of the Comfort PM series. It is based on a sturdy ball rotor with integrated impeller without shaft. The three-dimensional motion of the rotor and elimination of a slit tube make the pump less susceptible to lime deposits. Moreover the design incorporates durable materials such as the corrosion-resistant brass housing.

The award categories Design, Operating Convenience and Functionality, include particularly practical auxiliary features incorporated without any major technical complexity while ensuring intuitive operation. This is distinguished precisely by the digital timer in the Comfort BU/BXU. On the front, the pump has a digital 24 hour dial surrounded by LED displays and controls as well as LED symbols for various operating modes. During start-up the installer can simply use the preset circulation times or easily adapt them by pressing a button to move the LEDs on the dial. The current times and timer phases are always visible on the digital dial.

The jurors also awarded the Comfort BU/BXU the Plus X Award Seal of Quality in the category Ecology. On the one hand the timer allows the pump to limit the circulation to typical times of use, thereby reducing heat losses caused by unnecessary circulation. On the other, thanks to the permanent magnet motor and optimized hydraulic design, the pump operates with high efficiency, consuming only 5-7 Watts of power. Just as all pumps in the Comfort series, this model also complies with the new Building Energy Code (GEG).

“In the past many products from our company have already been distinguished at the Plus X Award Competition with the exceptional distinction ‘Best Product of the Year’. However none of our products has ever received this distinction in five categories simultaneously”, rejoiced Markus Henning, Marketing Director DBS D-A at Grundfos. “This shows we are on the right path with our concept of implementing practical, energy-saving features in an easy-to-install, user-friendly manner. The Comfort BU/BXU is an important part of our line of circulation pumps and has also been received very well on the market.”