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This is to inform you of a safety warning and to ask for your immediate assistance.

Grundfos has issued a safety warning about our UNILIFT APB 3-phase pumps produced from week 49, 2016 to week 37, 2017, and the MULTILIFT MSS 3-phase lifting stations produced from week 27, 2012 to week 37, 2017.

Based on our own investigations, we have come to the conclusion that under a number of certain conditions, affected products may pose a risk of electric shock.

It is only products produced within the mentioned periods that pose a risk, since the design in other models is different. Please find attached instructions on how to identify affected products.

Since these products have been sold and installed by you in the past, we hereby ask you kindly for your help and assistance in making sure that all affected products will be identified, replaced and/or repaired as soon as possible.

Grundfos strongly urges you as an installer to:

-        Check where you have installed affected products.

-        Immediately contact all relevant customers. Feel free to use the attached letter for informing them.

-        Schedule as soon as possible an inspection at the relevant customers using stationary applications.

-        Inform your customers to stop using pumps in mobile applications in case they are from the affected period.

-        Stop installing these products if you have them in stock.

Please note:

Continued use of the products with no earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) installed in the electrical power supply should be avoided, when there is a risk for touching the product. Refrain from use, and power off the products, if you are unsure of whether an ELCB installed is installed. 

For the repair and replacement process, please see the detailed instructions.

Your help is needed:

In order to reach out to all your customers who have bought the products, we need your support.

1: Please check your internal database for customers who have bought the products.

2: Follow up with them and check for products with;

Grundfos UNILIFT P/N: 96004601, 96468195, 96Z01920, 96Z01928, 98951545, 96004589, 96Z01866, 96468194

Grundfos MULTILIFT P/N: Complete units: 97901027, 97901029, 98714824 (only China), 97901061, 97901063, 98721203

With these assembled motors: 97823655, 98094196, 98167954, 98167955

3: Please register every case into the Recall Tool

It is mandatory to register every case with picture of the nameplate and the cost you have to replace the pump. Please use the following page to upload the picture and ask for approval of the cost. The Service department will approve your case and the invoice can be uploaded after approval. Please keep the pump until further notice from Grundfos. We have to make sure that all products are replaced at your customers. We count on your support. Cost will be covered by Grundfos.

For insurance and safety reasons we kindly ask you to make the products unusable and to store the replaced products until you receive information from Grundfos about scrapping

Corrective actions:

1: Grundfos will call back, replace or repair all UNILIFT APB 3-phase pumps produced from week 49, 2016 to week 37, 2017. This is free of charge for the end user, and Grundfos will cover the costs in relation to this product replacement.

For MULTILIFT MSS 3-phase lifting stations produced from week 27, 2012 to week 37, 2017, Grundfos will repair or replace the motor. Grundfos will cover the costs in relation to this replacement.

2: Grundfos is informing relevant authorities, distributors, installers and end users that the products from the specified
period may pose a risk of giving an electric shock under certain circumstances.

3: Grundfos is also announcing the safety warning on the relevant Grundfos websites and other communication channels, and offers further assistance and information.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but safety, responsibility and reliability is our first priority.

Please note that due to the safety risk and the urgency, we expect that you as our valued and trusted partner will take the necessary actions to handle this issue without hesitation.

Download the instructions for identifying the affected products



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