Q: Which products are affected?

A: For the UNILIFT APB 3-phase, it is the series produced from week 49, 2016 to week 37, 2017.

P/N: 96004601, 96468195, 96Z01846, 96Z01874, 96Z01885, 96Z01920, 96Z01928, 98951545, 96004589, 96004631, 96Z01866, 96468194

A: For the MULTILIFT MSS 3-phase, it is the series produced from week 27, 2012 to week 37, 2017.

P/N: The complete unit: 97901027, 97901029, 98714824 (only China), 97901061, 97901063, 98721203

With these assembled motors: 97823655, 98094196, 98167954, 98167955


Q: How can I identify if a product is affected?

A: By checking the nameplate of the pump or motor, or by checking if the product number matches the listed numbers. Make sure the pump or lifting station is disconnected from the electrical grid if you do the check.


Q: Is this warning serious?

A: Yes. Affected products could pose a serious threat to users’ health.


Q: What can happen?

A: The affected products can, under a number of circumstances, give an electric shock to users.


Q: Can I use the installed pump unit until a replacement is in place?

A:  Yes, but do not touch the pump or any metal parts connected to the product. Immediately contact your installer or a Grundfos Authorized Service Partner to have your product repaired or replaced. Pumps used for mobile applications must not be used until they have been replaced.


Q: Why only within the mentioned period?

A: Other products from the series produced outside the affected period are designed differently, or with other solutions for the short-circuit breaker.


Q: How can the risk be eliminated?

A: Only by having the affected products replaced or repaired.


Q: I have a UNILIFT APB 3-phase or a MULTILIFT MSS 3-phase, what should I do?

A: Take immediate action. Do not touch the pump. Contact your installer or Grundfos Authorized Service Partner without
hesitation and arrange a repair or replacement. If in doubt, ask your installer for help.


Q: Are the products outside the mentioned periods safe?

A: Yes. In new products, the issue has been corrected, and products produced outside the mentioned period are designed differently.


Q: Who can help in case of uncertainties, and if more information is needed?

A: Please call your installer or a Grundfos Authorized Service Partner for more information.


Q: Who will pay for the replacement or repair?

A: Grundfos will cover all costs connected to repair and replacement of affected products.


Q: What should I do if I have a pump that I use occasionally for transportable applications?

A: Please stop using the pump immediately, and contact your installer or Grundfos Authorized Service Partner for repair or replacement. If you have bought the pump via an online shop, please contact your installer or Grundfos Authorized Service Partner.