Grundfos follows-up on Alalah training

The Grundfos training team have carried out a further product familiarization and training session with local partner and distributor, Alalah, as part of an ongoing campaign to deliver excellent customer service throughout its Middle East distributor network.

The third training session to take place with Alalah sales and counter staff this year, the current training follows an earlier introductory training session and follow-up training on the design, application and selection of Grundfos specialized pressure boosting systems, during January.

The latest session, on 12th April, was specially designed to bring a further group of Alalah staff up to speed on the full range of pumping systems and accessories available through Grundfos in Saudi Arabia. It included a tour around the Grundfos GSA showroom to see examples of the latest pump technology and developments and increase familiarity with the wide range of different pumps and applications.

The visitors were introduced to everything from simple domestic water and waste pumps, to pressure boosting pumps designed to deliver constant and reliable supplies of fresh water on a year-round basis, and the very latest ‘intelligent’ pumping systems that automatically respond to changes in demand for maximum process efficiency and energy saving in more complex pumping applications.

Also on show were the latest precision dosing and disinfection systems for additive control in industrial processes and health-critical applications, such as purification of infected drinking water – a growing problem across the Middle East.

A large team of Grundfos specialists was on hand throughout the training for one-to- ne support, and to answer questions as they arose.