Grundfos ‘Lunch and Learn’ with leading Saudi consultancy

Grundfos demonstrated the benefits of early involvement in the building design process during a ‘Lunch and Learn’ session with leading Saudi architectural and engineering consultants, Al Omrania, during April.

An increasingly popular format that combines a short informal training and product update session with the opportunity for discussions on current and future projects, the meeting was attended by Omrania’s Head of Department and three colleagues, and allowed Grundfos technical experts to make valuable inputs into a number of upcoming local projects currently at the design and planning stage.

As a world-leading developer and manufacturer of pumps and associated equipment, Grundfos kicked off the session with an overview of their product range and the recent developments in high-efficiency pump design and technology that are helping to reshape the way in which services are controlled and managed in today’s increasingly complex buildings.

As engineers and system designers, the Omrania team were particularly interested in Grundfos’ groundbreaking ‘intelligent’ pumping solutions, in which pumps, drives, controls, sensors and communication modules are configured as a single autonomous unit that adapts automatically to changes in demand or system pressure.

Delivering massive savings in energy, waste and ongoing maintenance, these systems are not only more reliable and efficient, but are easily controlled and reconfigured remotely using special pocket-size control units, making system management much safer and easier for Omrania’s clients.

Discussions then moved on to how the new technology can help to meet Saudi Arabia’s strategy 2030 – the road map for the region’s development and diversification in a post-oil economy, through improvements in efficiency and running costs for mega-projects in which Omrania is currently participating.

The success of the event was such that Omrania has now provided Grundfos with contact details for their representatives and other key personnel who were unable to be present at the session, to enable the information to be circulated throughout the company.