Grundfos Smart Solutions to Saudi Arabia’s Domestic Water Crisis

Addressing an audience including representatives from Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Housing and leading experts from the country’s housing and water supply industries, Grundfos explained how its commitment to pump innovation and development is cutting wastage and delivering more sustainable and energy efficient water supplies to meet future needs.

Saudi Arabia currently faces the dual challenge of rapidly diminishing water supplies and unsustainable demand, which is growing year on year. To add to the problems, domestic users are faced with intermittent supply and low water pressure from an inefficient supply infrastructure that wastes 15-20% of water through leakage alone.

To address the problems, the government is targeting massive reductions in water usage of 24% by next year and 43% by 2030. “We must harness the benefits of the latest pump technology if we are to meet these targets”, said Grundfos Saudi Arabia General Manager Abdulaziz Daghestani.

The new generation of Grundfos ‘intelligent’ pumps combine state-of-the-art design with advanced digital connectivity to provide constant water pressure and deliver energy savings of around 40% - reducing CO2 emissions and mitigating the effects of Climate Change.

They also use water more efficiently and react automatically to changes in system demand, detecting leaks early to significantly reduce water wastage.

Reema Abdulaziz Al Noghaither, Project Manager for Grundfos’ partnership with SABIC Home of Innovation said, “Home of Innovation is a catalyst for introducing new ideas. This latest event is part of a joint programme designed to exchange knowledge with the key movers in the country’s housing sector.”