Grundfos training programme gains SCE seal of excellence

The presentation followed a speech by Chairman of the SCE Board of Directors, Mr. Al Sharani and other top SCE Board members at a graduation ceremony for the fifth group of SCE engineers to successfully complete the programme.

During the speech they praised the dedication and commitment of the Grundfos training team and underlined the importance of the programme in helping the Saudi government meet its Vision 2030, which promotes the optimal use of water resources as a means of reducing consumption, cutting pollution and providing a basis for ambitious development towards a more sustainable and oil-independent future.

One of the most ambitious training challenges undertaken to date by Grundfos Saudi Arabia, the programme was initiated in March following an agreement between Grundfos Saudi Arabia General Manager, Abdulaziz Daghestani, and the SCE Chairman, under which Grundfos will provide training for the Council’s 20,000-strong membership, which includes engineers working across Saudi Arabia, in a wide range of industries and operational disciplines.

The aim of the programme is to bring members’ levels of skills and knowledge in advanced pumping systems on par with that of the best technologically advanced engineers in the world and, in doing so, connect with both recent engineering graduates and long-serving professional engineers, who will become ambassadors to dissipate the knowledge throughout the organization and beyond. 

Under Grundfos’ local trainer, Hafi Uddin Khan, more than 200 SCE engineers have already completed a mix of basic and advanced training on pumps, motors and pumping applications, and a second phase of more in-depth training has now been agreed with the SCE Board, to start in October. This will comprise longer training courses for members of 14-days duration, during which Haffi will be joined by a Grundfos international trainer. Trainees will receive in-depth training on 7 key pumping application areas, including specialized knowledge of local pumping applications and SASO IEC standards. 

Details have also now been drawn up for a further phase of training which has been improved from 2 modules to 37, to be spread over 11 training days. 

With this latest phase of training already fully booked, the head of the Grundfos training team, Reema Alnoghaither said, “The programme has proved to be an outstanding success and is not only helping us to develop close relationships with engineers throughout the Middle East but is helping us to differentiate our position with the Saudi government.

“Trainees so far have been a good mix of professionals already working within the industry and fresh engineering graduates. Of the 70% or so of professionals already working within the pump industry, many are currently working as consultants and approval engineers on projects where Grundfos pumps are being used or considered, so the programme is providing a basis for more in-depth, long-term relationships.”