Catch a glimpse of our submersible pump

The SP is not just any pump. See how we ensure a high uniform quality for all our submersible pumps on their journey through our factory.

What Is A Grundfos Sub-Factory?

The demand for groundwater intake has been growing over the years and will continue to grow, as it is a dependable source for water supply for communties and farms. 

Which is why Grundfos now has a local sub-factoy in Saudi Arabia to make our groundwater solutions more accessible to you.

A sub-factory is an official Grundfos distributor that’s been trained and certified by to assemble submersible pumps from a predefined components kit. Grundfos sub-factories follow Grundfos guidelines especially when it comes to quality.


What Can You Get From A Sub-Factory?


  • Easy to install
  • Energy & cost efficient
  • Built-in dry running protection
  • Suitable for ground water supply in farms, waterworks, and irrigation


  • Low operating & energy costs
  • Built-in variable frequency drive converting DC power from solar panels into AC power
  • Suitable for water supply for farms,  communities, and livestock watering 



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