Case story: How a Grundfos SQ pump proved to be a perfect replacement pump

Find out how an American well driller company benefitted by replacing a conventional submersible pump with a Grundfos SQ submersible pump and learn about the applications in which an SQ/SQE pump is an ideal solution.

When it comes to groundwater supply, the Grundfos SQ submersible pump range is the right choice.

In the first part of this task, we’re going to focus on a specific case in which the American company, Partridge Well Drilling, took a conventional 4” pump and replaced it with a 3” SQ submersible pump.

At the end of the task, we’ll introduce you to the various applications in which the Grundfos SQ submersible pump range can be used. For now, though, let’s turn our attention to the case story in America.

Course overview

Modules: 7
Completion time
Completion time: 40 minutes
Difficulty level
Difficulty level: Intermediate