Grundfos contributes to cleaning diesel gas

Whereas Haldor Topsøe possesses the technical competence within the waste gas cleaning area and catalytic converters, Grundfos is contributing with competence within development and production of pumping electronics and mechanics.

The Grundfos pump in question is a special version of the digital dosing pump introduced in the market last year. The dosing pump makes it possible to monitor and regulate extremely precisely the injection of urea in the catalytic converter. By doing so a heavy reduction of the injurious gasses and particles, straining the environment, takes place.

Grundfos Group President, Mr Niels Due Jensen, is pleased that the Grundfos Group - via the digital dosing pump- will contribute to a sustainable development in a completely new area:

"Normally our pumps are utilised in residential housing projects and the industry - this is the first time that a Grundfos pump is built into a car. This proves that our conscious efforts in respect of visions and innovation do result in ground-breaking products which can contribute considerably to a sustainable development in many fields - to the benefit of the environment and the daily lives of many people", the Group President said.

Both the EU and the USA are working on regulations for the limitation of pollution from trucks. The newly developed catalytic converter will meet these by removing a number of unwanted and injurious substances from the gas exhaust. At the same time it contributes in saving fuel, so that the pay-back time will be limited to two to four years.

The Danish catalyst converter will remove about half of the particles from the truck gas exhaust and almost all nitrogen oxides contributing to the smog in big cities. Finally, most hydrogen carbonates giving the diesel cars their bad smell will vanish.

Grundfos and Haldor Topsøe have both great expectations to the strategic co-operation and to the positive perspectives appearing when environmentally damaging gasses and particles from the diesel exhaust can be removed almost completely .

For the time being there will be a test period before the equipment is considered released for commercial production