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  • Advanced

86 - Water pressure boosting in commercial buildings

Commercial buildings with large water systems may have many occupants with very different water consumption profiles and pressure needs. Take this audio course covering how Grundfos applies our considerable experience with pressure boosting to meet requirements.

1 modules
  • Advanced

85 - Industrial water treatment for wastewater reuse

Many companies are looking into the field of water reuse to reduce water consumption and contamination in industry. In this audio course you can find out more about how Grundfos approaches this specialised area of water treatment.

5 modules
  • Advanced

34 - The Industrial Water Reuse Course

In this course, you will get a thorough introduction to industrial water reuse and learn about the different types of industrial processes. Finally, you will get an insight into the benefits of adding intelligence to water reuse systems.

Learning tracks

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  • Intermediate

The Solar Pumping Learning Track

Learn about the main aspects of solar water pumping systems and where to use them, and get an overview of the many available accessories for solar water pumping solutions in this learning track.

4 courses
  • Basic

Overview of pumps for Domestic Heating

This Ecademy Learning Tracks is a collection of courses related to Domestic Heating applications and will provide a run-through of the most relevant products.