Grundfos helps to clear up the water

Fortunately, catastrophes like these bring people closer together, and many people want to help as best they can to alleviate the results.

As the immediate threat from the water receded, what was left was a huge need to get rid of the water, scrape the mud away and remove the rubble. Helping to clear water away is the obvious thing for a pump company to do.

Therefore, Grundfos in Austria loaned five large pumps to the local fire service and donated a diaphragm pump to the Red Cross. A Grundfos agent, which had its stockpile of approximately 300 pumps ruined by the water, received an offer of new pumps at very low prices.

The management of the German Grundfos company also made a spontaneous decision to help in a rapid and unbureaucratic manner. Service technicians in the affected areas were equipped with new cellar pumps and offered free assistance to pump water from flooded houses. Many of them worked round the clock for several days.

Pumps were also donated to local fire brigades and the German emergency and relief organisation THW, which was immediately called upon to evacuate houses and prevent the threatened collapse of the sodden dykes.

Finally, Grundfos in Germany offered agents a special discount in the affected areas, on condition that the discount be passed on to end users. This meant that people whose pumps had been damaged could have them replaced at a reduced price.

Grundfos in the Czech Republic has offered special discounts to partners affected by the flood, and provided free service work in the areas destroyed. Damaged pumps have been recalled from wholesalers and replaced with new ones at special prices.
Last, but not least, employees of the Czech company collected DKK 30 000, which is to be donated to a nursery school or a foster-home in the affected area.