Grundfos wants to be the no.1 workplace

”We want to be the no. 1 workplace for great people in the areas we are operating. To realise our Group Strategy, we need to rethink our processes to attract and develop the required collection of highly motivated talents. We need a strong pipeline of talents to be ready to take up future critical positions and assignments. We are going to act on talents earlier than today to increase talent readiness in order to keep them and benefit from their performance. If we are able to offer talent on demand, Grundfos will become a more agile and flexible organisation”, states Corinne Danner, Partner People & Strategy, Grundfos.

Competitive advantage
The ambition is to establish a close co-operation between Grundfos and the talents, based on a win-win situation. If we manage to unfold the talents to a higher extent, it will lead to a stronger competitive advantage with increased profit and a higher return on people investment.
”For the individual, the appointment should be the start of an exiting personal journey and future in Grundfos. A talent demonstrates potential to develop faster than average and creates a strategic difference in a Grundfos context by generating excellent performance”, says Corinne Danner.