ISH 2011: One step ahead - together

30 customers on ‘partnership wall’
Our main theme for the exhibition was ‘One step ahead - together’. And we certainly managed to show the audience at ISH that our customers, and us, are ahead when it comes to EuP ready hydraulics and pump solutions for boiler/heating, solar thermal and heat pump systems. It was a very strong message we communicated together with 30 of our major customers and their EuP ready solutions from Grundfos.

The partnership wall didn’t go unnoticed! It was a major attraction and most visitors surely became aware that 2015 is not far away – in fact getting ready for the EU transition to more energy efficient integrated circulator pumps is just around the corner. 30 customised solutions displayed on the wall were an excellent way to tell - and show - visitors about our EuP ready pumps and hydraulic platforms and the many customisation possibilities they entail.

Compact Hydro Block launched
Another attention grabber at this year’s exhibition was the new, modular Compact Hydro Block (CHB) – which can be EuP ready by mounting an UPM2.

The Grundfos CHB or Compact Hydro Block is the latest hydraulic platform from Grundfos, offering compact design, numerous features, easy serviceability and energy optimised design.

Since 2000, Grundfos has produced more than 6.5 million hydraulic systems. This means that we have extensive experience in designing and producing reliable, robust and serviceable solutions. The huge interest from visitors demonstrated that experience and innovation show in the design and functionality of our new hydraulic platform!

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