Reaching out to installers on Facebook

Grundfos has launched a new, global Facebook page called Grundfos for Installers. The page is targeting installers, and is the second of three planned social media pilots that are testing how to use social media as an integrated part of the marketing mix.

- We see a pattern that 90 % of all installers always install the same pump even though they have knowledge of other brands, Marketing Project Manager Anne-Mette Østergaard Andersen says.

- We need to create a community with relevant and value-adding content in order to become their preferred supplier.

Facebook is the optimal medium to strengthen the bond between likeminded installers and Grundfos. A survey of Grundfos Professional users found that 47 % of installers indicated that they use Facebook every day and 95 % of them wanted to engage with Grundfos.

- Our research identified a high volume in market reach with almost 2.5 million installers on Facebook across all our markets, Social Media Consultant Signe Roholt says.

- This combined with high engagement and frequency in communication makes Facebook global pages a promising marketing channel for engaging with installers.

You can find Grundfos for Installers here.