Squeezing the orange

Hoogesteger, a Dutch producer of freshly squeezed fruit juices, employs advanced technological processes to pack its juices without any form for pasteurisation whilst ensuring a stable shelf life for its products. Hoogesteger’s exclusive branded juices are supplied to local supermarket chains and the food service channel.

Hoogesteger had been experiencing growth in past years which translated into expansion of its production lines. At the same time Hoogesteger was seeking solutions to accommodate the increasing volume of wastewater and reduce its discharge costs, a challenge many Dutch process industries are facing nowadays. Hoogesteger's investment in the Grundfos BioBooster wastewater treatment facility is part of an overall campaign aimed at optimising internal production processes. Similarly Hoogesteger hopes to strengthen their environmental profile with the new Grundfos BioBooster plant, demonstrating that sustainability is a top priority.

Hoogesteger is located in an urban setting with a residential area surrounding the plant. The Grundfos BioBooster plant requires a minimal foot-print and therefore fits within the very limited space that was allocated for the treatment plant. Also, as the wastewater plant is odourless, it is not imposing on neighbouring houses.

The Grundfos BioBooster wastewater treatment plant is to be delivered and begin operation by early 2009. The containerised plant will comprise a total of 32 biological reactors treating a daily flow of 240 m3. “This is Grundfos BioBooster's first wastewater treatment plant to be sold outside Denmark. We are confident that this installation will pave the way for future projects in the Dutch market” said Jakob Søholm, Product Manager at Grundfos BioBooster.

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