The EuP/ErP Directive and the use of the term “EuP ready”


  • consumers might confuse “ErP ready” with ERP systems (enterprise resource planning systems) such as SAP
  • when consumers search for ErP on the internet to understand the term, the search engines will give them millions of leads to IT systems rather than to energy-efficient HVAC systems

Official use and recognisability
Whenever a new common industry technology is rolled out there is a choice to be made: how do we tell the market about it, how do we make the market understand the benefits of this new technology – and more importantly how do we make consumers recognise the future-proof technology and choose it?

For high impact and recognisability in the market, especially among consumers, we believe it would be beneficial if the entire HVAC industry adopted and used the same term for products compliant with EU’s new energy efficiency requirements.

The term “HD ready” for television sets has had official use and recognisability in Europe since its introduction in 2005, making it much easier for consumers to choose the right technology. That is why we advocate for the use of the term “EuP ready” in communication and on products across the entire HVAC industry.

Use the Grundfos EuP ready label on your systems
You are most welcome to use the term EuP ready in connection with Grundfos EuP ready products and carry the Grundfos EuP ready label on your systems for easy recognition of future-proof technology.

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