The Grundfos Supplier Award attracts Magnequench

This year’s winner supplies high-class magnets to us, which we incorporate in our innovative products such as our ALPHA circulation pumps. Magnequench is a leading supplier of advanced materials used in a wide range of technology applications across many sectors.

“Our partnership and way of collaborating is characterised by openness and trustworthiness. Magnequench has proven very strong and consistent as regards to cost, quality, delivery and sustainability. One of the company’s strong points is supporting Grundfos in research activities to improve the performance of our products,” says Klavs Hornum, Group Vice President, Group Purchasing, Grundfos.

Furthermore, the company guarantees that its raw materials meet the Grundfos Environmental requirements. They have helped us to secure customers and provide new technology development and material samples to benefit our products.

“The award is very important and it is a great honour to receive it. Grundfos and Magnequench share some of the same values and both companies focus on sustainability and quality. We have worked together for more than twenty years and we want to keep building on this strong long-term relationship,” says CEO and President of Neo Performance Materials, Geoffrey R. Bedford.