19 - Prefabricated Pumping Stations

The course will provide you with a general understanding of prefabricated pumping stations in wastewater transport, how monitoring products can optimise the stations as well as how to plan more cost-efficient refurbishment projects.

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Course overview

Modules: 3
Completion time
Completion time: 30 minutes
Difficulty level
Difficulty level: Basic

Course overview


Why prefabricated pumping stations are the right choice

Find out why prefabricated pumping stations are the correct choice and learn more about specific pumping stations from Grundfos.


Monitoring and control of pumping stations

Based on a range of Grundfos products, gain an understanding of how monitoring can improve your pumping station.


Refurbishing worn-out concrete pumping stations

Learn why installing a prefabricated pumping station is the most cost-efficient choice in refurbishment projects.

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