Actionable insights reduce labour by 1,600 hours

Size of Facility 370,000 Sq. Ft.

Total # of Employees at Site 1,800

Types of Machines Monitored Air Handling Units, Chilled/Hot Water Pumps, Cooling Towers, Fans, Refrigeration Equipment

$215,000 Total Savings  

1,602 Labour Hours Saved


Sodexo, the leader in facilities management, is helping manage the operations of the North American headquarters of one of the largest CPG companies. The facility is dubbed the “workplace of the future.” The goal of the revamped workplace was to create an environmentally friendly and operationally cost-conscious campus. The open layout and wellness-focused design reflects the new digital era of the modern workforce. Sensors in each room automatically adjust the heat and air flow, and air conditioning is turned off when a room is empty.

Both the client and Sodexo were looking to transform their respective workplaces and modernise workflows. Sodexo was accustomed to practicing route-based maintenance but the lack of insights in the machines they managed hindered them from better understanding the true health of those machines. It wasn’t just about cost-saving, it was about leveraging technology to transform how they worked. Sodexo needed a partner that could digitally transform their program, provide continuous insights into the health of their machines, all while bringing them into the new world of Industrial IoT. How could the team optimise asset performance? How could they increase productivity while extending the life of equipment? How could they leverage decades of hands-on experience with technology to accomplish more?


Within weeks of deployment, these wireless sensors and AI-driven insights started to make an impact on the research and employee workspace. The wireless solution simplified the operations of the mainanance and operations team. With 24/7 continuous diagnostics monitoring vibration, temperature, and magnetic data of critical assets, the Sodexo team would be notified of any mechanical malfunctions at their earliest onset, and provided insights on how to correct any issues. The team was able to elevate their services from time-based maintenance to condition-based monitoring, saving time and money while maintaining high-quality service to the client. 


Within a four-month span, this continuous diagnostics solution saved a total of $215,000 in maintenance related costs and reduced labor by 1,602 hours. Prior to the deployment of the Digital Machine Health solution, assets failed before the team knew the true underlying problems causing the malfunctions. The solution has allowed the team to optimise labour resources, lower the costs of repairs, and minimise disruption of building occupants. Optimising Sodexo’s workflow means that the client’s “workplace of the future” can enable the innovators and creators of tomorrow’s great consumer brands.


Sodexo North America is headquartered in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area and is part of a global, Fortune 500 company with a presence in 80 countries. Sodexo is a leading provider of integrated food, facilities management and other services that enhance organisational performance, contribute to local communities and improve quality of life for millions of customers in corporate, education, healthcare, senior living, sports and leisure, government and other environments daily. The company employs 150,000 people at 13,000 sites in all 50 U.S. states and Canada and indirectly supports tens of thousands of jobs through its annual purchases of $9.2 billion in goods and services from small to large American businesses. Sodexo is committed to supporting diversity and inclusion and safety, while upholding the highest standards of corporate responsibility and ethical business conduct. In support of local communities across the U.S., the Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation has contributed close to $32 million over the past 20 years to help feed children in America impacted by hunger. To learn more about Sodexo, visit and connect with us on us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

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