United by the flow of water

Every one of us is impacted by water’s flow. At Grundfos, we want to ensure it’s accessible and reliable for all – to keep water flowing, while reducing the energy consumption that leads to increasing emissions.

We’re driven to take on the world’s water and climate challenges, developing solutions together with our customers, partners and suppliers that touch millions and millions of people every day, without most even noticing it.

Discover more about our intelligent, energy-saving pump and water solutions for water utilities, industries and buildings, and the people behind them. Here’s who we are, what we do and how we do it.

Innovation built on principles and purpose

Relentless innovation, guided by ethical purpose and strong leadership. Dive into how we’re led, structured, and the values we commit to since our story began.

Our purpose is at our core

“We pioneer solutions to the world’s water and climate challenges and improve quality of life for people.” This is our purpose, central to everything we do. It’s supported by six core values.

Moving water, saving energy, impacting lives

When you need to move water in applications our water and digital solutions set the standard in energy efficiency, reliability and connectivity. 

By securing the comfort of homes and buildings, providing water access to those who need it, and pushing towards ever greater water and energy efficiency, we impact lives around the world.

Driven by collaboration

It is through close and open collaboration with our customers, suppliers and partners that we discover opportunities we never thought possible. Let’s combine our expertise and curiosity to innovate and find better solutions to the world’s water and climate challenges.

Over 20,000 dedicated people in over 60 countries

Wherever you are, wherever you need water, we’re there. A family of innovators with a base in over 60 countries and a reach extending across the world.

Let’s create possibilities together

Join our diverse, global workforce and make a genuine difference as we take on the world’s water and climate challenges together.