Eges Employs Grundfos Direct Sensors™ For Improved Process Stability

Grundfos is pleased to offer our sensor solution to EGES and we believe that there is a significant advantage, as the sensor has 2 in 1 capability, making it reliable and calibration-free.
Enes Halitoglu, Key Account Manager, Grundfos

EGES is one the biggest Medium Frequency Induction Furnace manufacturers in the world. EGES was established in 1975 and has more than 48 years of experience in manufacturing induction melting, heating systems and holding furnaces. EGES Induction Systems are currently in operation across more than 52 nations and 5 continents.


The existing design of EGES’ furnaces included flow switch and a thermostat to get a grasp on the flow and temperature at the channels in the exit of the furnace to be cooled down. Although this design would only get a relay signal that would eventually feed an LED screen that would solely notify them when malfunctioning occurred; there were no data to observe or to prevent the malfunctioning from happening. Hence, came about EGES’s perpetual desire to upgrade the design and reliability of their induction furnaces.

Grundfos Direct Sensors™ have helped us in preventing malfunctioning and increased system stability. We are satisfied with the accuracy and reliability.
Yusuf Uluç, Sales Director, EGES - Induction Furnaces, Turkey


Monitoring the system constantly helps to ensure that the ­ow and temperature readings are accurate, providing a coherent picture of the system's performance. With Grundfos Direct Sensors™, EGES is now able to measure both ­ow and temperature from the same sensor and the data is re­flected to the PLC in their system. EGES is now preventing system downtimes by estimating ­ow & temperature and monitoring the system, which in turn, enables the implementation of control measures to optimize the system's performance and reduce the consumption of power.


EGES employs Grundfos Direct Sensors™ for all three crucial measurements in the system. The sensors offer a unique supremacy as they are dual-function sensors along with being reliable and calibration-free. The VFS (Vortex Flow and Temperature Sensor) can measure temperatures up to 120°C, while the RPS (Relative Pressure and Temperature Sensor) measures both pressure and temperature within the same temperature range. By incorporating the flow and pressure readings, as well as the temperature difference between the VFS and RPS, EGES can effectively manage and monitor the entire cooling process.


VFS : combined _ow and temperature measurement systems (two-in-one) from Grundfos Direct Sensors™

RPS: combined pressure and temperature sensor (two-in-one) from Grundfos Direct Sensors™