Grundfos after market solutions support Indian hospitality chain to reduce carbon emissions

The Situation

In the competitive hospitality industry, success relies on energy efficiency and operational reliability. One of India’s leading hospitality brands encountered challenges due to outdated HVAC systems and pressure-boosting systems in across its prestigious hotels. 

These pumps lead to operational issues, high energy consumption, and frequent breakdowns resulting in lower guest satisfaction. Driven by their commitment to meet sustainability targets and to deliver unmatched guest comfort, hotel chain sought a reliable, cost-effective, and energy-efficient pumping systems..

over 30% estimated energy savings

The Solution

Grundfos energy consultants were approached to study the performance of existing HVAC & pressure-boosting systems. With thorough energy audit, it was revealed these operational issues were due to oversized and outdated pumps in the HVAC and pressure-boosting systems. 

To tackle pressure-boosting challenges in the hydropneumatic system, fixed speed pumps were replaced with highly efficient CRE pumps with built-in variable frequency drives (VFD). To optimize the cost of replacement, the old headers, valves and fittings were retained to ensure quick return of investment.

And in HVAC system, the old cast iron pumps were replaced with energy efficient Grundfos’ single stage long coupled NK pumps with IE3 motors. This comprehensive solution resolved operational issues and resulted in estimated energy savings of over 30% compared to the energy consumption of the old outdated pumps.

To ensure maximum uptime of these pumping systems, a customized service agreement including periodic maintenance plan was deployed.

49 tonnes per year carbon emissions reduction

The Outcome

The Grundfos replacement plan delivered on the promise of significant energy savings, ensuring a swift return on investment. This comprehensive solution resolved operational issues and resulted in estimated energy savings of over 30%, reducing carbon emissions by 49 tonnes per year. 

Grundfos offered tailor-made solutions, from energy optimization to comprehensive service agreements, repair services, and efficient pump supplies. The hospitality brand’s transformation highlights how energy conservation can shape the future of sustainability. 

Grundfos Supplied

  • 9 x CRE 10-15 Vertical Multistage pumps – CRE with IE5 efficiency motors 
  • 4 x NK 150 -315/296 with IE3 efficiency motors
  • Grundfos energy audit 
  • Grundfos service agreement 

NK Pump with IE3 motors

CRE pump

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