Grundfos CRN pumps used in reverse osmosis plant

Grundfos CRN pumps are being used in a new reverse osmosis plant at one of Australia’s best known breweries, Coopers Brewery, in the Adelaide suburb of Regency Park.

The Situation

n 1996, the Australian company Osmoflo Pty. Ltd. that specialises in water treatment equipment installed a 200 m3/day reverse osmosis plant at the Coopers Brewery’s Leabrook site. However, in early 2001, Coopers Brewery relocated its major production plant to new premises at Regency Park, and Osmoflo was commissioned to design, build, install and operate a new reverse osmosis plant with the capacity of 2,000 m3/day. The plant reduces the TDS of the bore water from 3-4000 mg/l to 70 mg/l, so that the water becomes suitable for production and process applications.

The Grundfos Solution

The Grundfos pump selection provided operating flexibility and correct material selection for the water conditions at the Coopers Brewery.

The pumps used for the RO plant are the CRN 64-2 11kW units, used for filter feed and backwashing, and the CRN 64-7-1 37kW units, used as a high pressure feed pump.

Grundfos SP 46-13 ‘R’ series 22kW submersible pumps are used to pump water from the bores to the RO plant.

The Outcome

The reverse osmosis system has been operating with the Grundfos CR pumps effectively.

Under the long-term contract with Coopers, Osmoflo treats all the bore water and then supplies it to the Coopers on a consumption basis.

Osmoflo has a trouble-free system, which is capable of supplying sufficient, good quality water for daily production purposes.