Grundfos helps Blue Lagoon Pools & Spas deliver effective, reliable and safe tailor-made solutions for swimming pool disinfection

Blue Lagoon Pools & Spas have been a leader in the swimming pool industry for more than two decades. They are experts in designing and building swimming pools and serve markets in India, Africa & Sri Lanka. Swimming pools require disinfection because pollutants and pathogenic micro-organisms are constantly added to the water. Disinfectants used for pool water decontamination must meet specific demands and should be harmless and non-irritating to swimmers and attendants.

We’re very happy with Grundfos. They gave us a complete package as far as intelligent dosing was concerned. If I were to describe Grundfos that’d be innovation, commitment and reliability.
Shail Sheth, Managing Partner, Blue Lagoon Pools & Spas


Blue Lagoon has been looking for dosing and disinfectant solutions to handle aggressive and corrosive chemicals like chlorine, hydrochloric acid and other proprietary chemicals. They had frequent system breakdowns and increasing maintenance and operational costs. There were small leakages from the system as well, corroding the nearby equipment in the plant room. The odour and fumes emanating from chemicals also made the atmosphere toxic.


Grundfos investigated the installations and proposed tailor-made Smart Dosing solutions consisting of Digital Dosing Pumps and Dosing stations with pump accessories. The digital dosing pumps come with a stepper motor that ensures high precision and saves expensive chemicals – making the system reliable and maintenance-free.


With Digital Dosing, monitoring is now not required, and the dosing system is easy to maintain. The leakages from the tank are controlled and the emission control kit eliminates the odour, improving the site's aesthetic.


Grundfos supplied:

  • Dosing Tank Station – a compact dosing skid system used when chemicals need to be stored and dosed into the process line. It can be used for diverse dosing liquids because of its high-quality material.
  • Digital Dosing pumps – DDC, DDA, and DDE cover significant dosing flow rates from 6 lph to 200 lph.
  • Dosing Tank – High-quality LLDPE material, UV resistant, and resistant to aggressive liquid.
  • Emission control kit – Captures the chemical fumes within the tank that, in turn, reduce the odour of hard chemicals in the plant room.
  • Other accessories like suction foot valves and rigid suction lances, and an injection unit.

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