Grundfos replaces old competitor installation at brewery

Grundfos replaces old competitor installation at brewery in Baar, Switzerland

The Brauerei Baar AG is a small brewery with 25 employees in Baar, Switzerland. It was founded in 1862 and since 1902 it has been family-owned - now in the 5th generation. They manufacture 4 different types of beer and since 2007, they also have their own over-the-counter beverage shop in Baar.

Brauerei Baar AG was not yet a customer of Grundfos when sales manager Sabine Dörich called them and asked for an appointment to introduce our products. During the meeting she found out that the brewery wanted to replace their old ClO2 generator.

The situation:

For disinfecting process water, the customer had an old ClO2 generator (by one of our competitors) installed. As they were not 100% satisfied with handling and reliability, they wanted to replace it with a new, cost-efficient solution which was easier to handle and more reliable. In addition, they wanted to reduce chemical consumption by 10-15%.

The solution:

After having evaluated what the customer needed, Grundfos suggested to install an Oxiperm Pro chlorine dioxide 162-30 system. At that time, the Oxiperm Pro was not yet available in the market. But the brewery could not wait to until the product would have been launched as they urgently needed a new system (the warranty on their old system had already expired). Sabine consulted disinfection product manager Carsten Persner and they came up with the idea to do a field test in cooperation with the brewery.

The customer was convinced by how the system was introduced to him by Grundfos and therefore agreed to the field test and decided to replace the old chlorine dioxide generator by an Oxiperm Pro 162-30. The system was installed at the factory water intake in the basement of the brewery by Dennis Eich and Sabine Dörich. It has been working flawlessly ever since. Technical service during the test phase was done by Harald Reisert, one of our product application specialists.

Generally, the Oxiperm Pro 162-30 compact solution is designed to reduce costs and make the whole installation safer. As a plug & play device, the system is also very easy to install which saves valuable time in a customer’s application.

The outcome:

The combination of the Oxiperm Pro technology and the use of a digital dosing pump save up to 15% of chemicals compared to the system which was installed before. As it is easier to handle, it also saves time.

Urs Rüegg, master brewer at Brauerei Baar AG, says:

“I really like the Oxiperm Pro system, because handling has become so much easier and safer than before. I am glad we opted for a Grundfos solution!”

And because they were so satisfied with the Oxiperm Pro system and the cooperation with Grundfos, the brewery decided to buy more products at Grundfos: two DMI 208-3.0 pumps including accessories for another area within the brewery and a mobile photometer to measure the pH value and the content of chlorine dioxide.

Sabine Dörich’s résumé is:

“In my opinion, it was the whole package that made the difference: the close cooperation between Grundfos and the customer, the transparency of the enterprise as well as the cross-national and smooth handling of the whole operation. And of course, they liked the price-performance ratio a lot.”

The following Grundfos products have been installed:

  • Oxiperm Pro 162-30 with DDI 222-60
  • 2 DMI 208-3.0 including accessories
  • DIT mobile photometer