Outstanding service impressed Dongan Engine

Grundfos after-sales service and support created tight bonds between Grundfos and Dongan Engine.

Founded in 1998 in the People’s Republic of China, Harbin Dongan Automotive Engine Manufacturing (Dongan Engine) is engaged in the research and development, production, and sale of 4G turbo engines, electronic fuel injection engines, gearboxes, and automotive components. Other activities include the production of forgings, castings and hydraulic pressure components and the purchase and sale of automobiles.

Since 2002, the company has sold more than 1 million engines and almost as many transmissions. And because Dongan Engine is the preferred engine manufacturer for leading automotive manufacturers, such as Mitsubishi, the quality of the products has to meet extremely strict requirements.

The Situation

When Dongan Engine production facilities were established back in 1998-2002 the main manufacturing equipment was imported directly from Japan or Europe. This included equipment for the engine production line, washing lines, and entralized filtration system. Accordingly, a large number of the pumps in the systems were Grundfos pumps.

To meet the rising demand and to ensure the stability of their production, Dongan Engine recently decided to replace many of the components in a wide range of their production lines. Based on positive experiences with Grundfos pumps in the systems, the company decided to choose Grundfos again. To comply with the local loyalty government policy, Dongan Engine decided to purchase their Grundfos pumps from local suppliers rather than directly from Grundfos China.

The Grundfos Solution

Although Dongan Engine did not purchase pumps directly from the sales company, Grundfos China still maintained a good relationship with Dongan Engine and provided timely service for the new pumps in the production lines.

The close relationship has established a very good brand impression at Dongan Engine. And Grundfos China’s constant focus on reliability and quality adhere to the requirements of Dongan Engine, which is the basis of a long-term cooperation between the two companies.

And whenever, Dongan Engine does renovation work or expands its production lines, it is Grundfos China they call. So far, Grundfos China has replaced more than 110 CR, CRN, MTR pumps in the production and utility systems.

The Outcome

Today, Grundfos is the preferred pump brand and Grundfos China, the preferred pump partner. High quality pumps and Grundfos after-sales service secure smooth operation and peace of mind with Dongan Engine.

Grundfos China has already replaced a non-Grundfos high pressure screw pump with a Grundfos MTS pump in a high-pressure cooling machine. And many more non-Grundfos pumps in the entralized filtration, sewage liquid handling, and high-pressure cooling systems are about to be replaced. And Grundfos China and Dongan Engine are already negotiating a replacement plan.

“Today, more than 60% of the pumps we use in our factory are Grundfos pumps – primarily for cleaning the production line. Grundfos’ high quality pumps offer reliability, which is very important to ensure the quality of our production. And together with their impressive after-sales service the cooperation is our guarantee for reliability and consistency in our engine production.”

Hao Li Hui, Assistant Manager, Dongan Automotive Engineering department