‘Moving the limits’ at Grundfos Gulf Distribution FZE

The event, at Studio Miyah, Grundfos’ educational showroom in Dubai, was headlined ‘Moving the Limits’, and attracted a 100% turnout from the company’s Sales, Service, Finance, Logistics and Warehouse staff.

As well as bringing staff up to speed on the launch of the new CRXL range, it offered them a sneak peek into the technology that goes behind the design specifications which underpin the new CR95, CR125 and CR155 vertical, multistage, centrifugal in-line pumps. For the non-technical staff, it was a proud moment to have glimpses of the historic journey of Grundfos as the inventor of the CR pumps and the way it has reached the place we are today in the pumping industry.

A short presentation with videos showcased the world of technology involved in to the simulation-driven, design process, innovative features, redesigned impeller blades, guide vanes and construction details which sit alongside a range of pioneering features which combine to provide outstanding performance and reliability and at the same deliver world class energy efficiency to the world’s most modular pump system.

The popular highlight of the day was the experience at the virtual reality booth. Grundfos’ very own CRVR App was a treat to the senses of the users as they were ‘Wowed’ by an interactive experience of the limits of the CRXL pump in terms of high head from the top of Empire state building, high capacity from the interior of a Helicopter and high power from inside a rally car – each designed to illustrate key advantages of the range across a variety of systems.