Grundfos puts solar up-front

The training was organised in collaboration with solar power specialists DUSOL Industries, UAE and Morning Star, the world-leader in off-grid solar controllers and invertors. It was designed to highlight the potential for high-efficiency solar pumping systems in achieving UN Sustainability Goals SDG6 and SDG13 on fresh water availability and reducing generated energy usage.

A diverse audience of 24 key stakeholders, representing Water and Energy Authorities, Channel partners, System integrators and End-users from across four countries, attended the event at Grundfos’s Dubai office on 21st and 22nd February.

Training topics ranged from basic pump theory to the latest generation of off-grid solar-based solutions, designed to deliver flexible, low and zero energy water pumping with very low lifecycle costs. Senior Water Supply and Controls experts from Grundfos were joined by DUSOL General Manager, Amin Lakhani and Morning Star’s Senior Account Manager, Kyle Willsey for the sessions, which also focused on how the various components of the systems work together, system sizing and the different technologies involved.

As well as increasing participants’ awareness and technical know-how on solar pumping systems, the unique two-day training was designed to give them the confidence and knowledge to take the solar pumping message wider and promote Grundfos solar solutions within their local markets.

Commenting after the event, Grundfos Water Supply Product Manager, Feroz Jaffer, said, “Pumps are our core business, but it is important that we are able to supply our customers with sustainable, long term pumping solutions, and that often involves cooperating closely with other experts in other fields and combine our expertise to provide improved solutions.

“In this case, we have two main aims – providing sustainable water supplies and reducing energy usage, and our latest high efficiency solar pumping solutions deliver both. Being alongside DUSOL and Morning star meant that participants got the whole story and were able to learn about and question different aspects of solar pumping.”