Big impact for Scala2 in UAE

One of the most eagerly anticipated developments in domestic pumps is now taking the UAE by storm, with 50 of the region’s top dealers already positioning it as their key product.

The Scala2 represents a leap forward in pump development - an ‘intelligent’ booster that responds to changes in discharge pressure and automatically compensates to ensure that domestic users enjoy perfect pressure in all taps at all times – even when multiple taps and showers are operating simultaneously.

Effectively a one-size-fits-all solution for all domestic pressure boosting applications, the new pump is designed for all homes of up to three levels, with up to eight taps. Simple ‘plug and pump’ operation means the unit is quick and easy to fit, while a  user-friendly control panel allows homeowners to make simple manual adjustments, if needed.

Seeing the potential for the new Scala2 pump that packs pump, motor, tank, sensor, drive and non-return valve into one compact, technologically advanced unit, the dealers are giving it top billing in showrooms and on their websites.

To support them, Grundfos has developed an eye-catching POS package comprising counter and entrance displays and a new in-store display unit that features product, packaging and an informative leaflet designed to highlight the key features and benefits of the new pump.

High amongst the benefits for users are reliability – the new pump has dry- running protection and an anti-cycling feature built in to prevent breakdowns; low running cost due to its energy efficient technology, and the lowest running noise of any booster on the market, thanks to a water-cooled motor.