Bringing water to Iraq’s war-ravaged cities

Grundfos, a global leader in advanced pump technology, has been collaborating with water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) personnel working in former ISIS-held regions of Iraq, to help re-establish the clean water supply systems essential to the rebuilding and rehabilitation of vast areas of the war-ravaged country.

With efficient pumping systems at the heart of any effort to bring clean water to the regions, the WASH teams were in desperate need of training on selection and operation of modern pumping systems and contacted Grundfos for help.

The Training was organized over three days, the course focused on three key areas, Ground Water and Solar Solutions, Water Treatment and, finally, Surface Pumps.

After introducing Grundfos as a full line supplier of products and services to water utility companies and organisations across the world, the first speaker focused on key aspects of clean water distribution from the treatment plant, including flow and head calculations system design, the design of optimized networks, leakage reduction and non-revenue water (NRW). He then moved on to the various types of Grundfos pumps available, including the latest generation of controls and intelligent pumping systems, and their benefits in each application.

Day 2 focused on water treatment using Grundfos sophisticated dosing and disinfection systems, whilst Day 3 moved on to ground water pumping and borewells and the importance of motor protection control and variable frequency drives, before discussing the latest options for solar driven systems.

Summing up the 3-day event, Grundfos Senior Sales Engineer, Waleed Noubani said, “This was a unique opportunity to use Grundfos’ market-leading expertise and  knowledge in pump development and technology to help those organisations who  are now desperately trying to provide hope and infrastructure for the residents of cities like Mosul, Ramadi & Salah Ad Din, which were devastated during the recent war.”