Grundfos addresses Abu Dhabi flooding challenges

Krzysztof Myslinski, Regional Water Utility Product Manager, took the stage to highlight Grundfos’s digitalized solutions that tackle existing challenges in stormwater pumping stations and provide remote monitoring and control capability, consequently saving water and conserving energy.

“Grundfos has been at the forefront of the technological revolution”, he explained, “and now has a full range of intelligent flood control pumps that communicate automatically and collect data to ensure they always operate at the most energy efficient level.

“This new generation of Grundfos pumps are recognized worldwide for their quality, versatility and reliability - particularly their importance in flood control scenarios, which are characterized by high flow and low head, as well as intermittent operation.

Investing heavily in research and technology to develop the most efficient solutions, Grundfos can validate and test  very complex flood control systems through its worldwide test facilities, whilst supporting projects from the design stages right through to installation, and beyond. 

 “The constant challenges of low water resource and risk of flooding in the GCC makes this region unique”, said Evgeni Iordanov Sales Manager, Water Utility & Industry for UAE market, “but new strategies, solutions and cutting-edge technologies are enabling us to address these challenges and have made us world leaders in managing and maximizing water supplies. All our efforts in the region are fully aligned with Grundfos 2025 strategy and support the United Nations Sustainability Goals 6 and 13”.

“Grundfos works with partners and customers to provide sustainable solutions to meet different flood risk management strategies and has built a global expertise that can be applied to a range of key issues from safeguarding people, crops and businesses to protecting city and regional infrastructures.”